What happens to the veneer veneer when it gets wet

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-28

Wooden veneer paper is widely used in decoration. In order to ensure its quality and effect, moisture-proof measures should be taken during the use process, otherwise it will cause problems once it gets wet.

When using veneer veneer paper, it is necessary to use glue. Once the glue is affected by moisture, it will not be able to play a sticky effect. affect its quality effect. And for furniture or decoration materials, once it is damp, it is easy to appear moldy. Moldy products will not only affect its decorative effect, but also affect the health of users.

So when we use veneer veneer paper, we need to avoid the influence of damp environment on the board stickers. Only in this way can we maintain its quality, and we can use it to play its effect normally. .

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