The little drops of light fused together, with its own unique beauty to depict the beautiful picture of peace, professional decorative melamine paper supplier for you.

Flying Horse

I.decor is a professional decor paper manufacturer, with years of manufacturing decorative melamine paper materials experience in China. 



I. Decor decor paper manufacturer is a professional and experienced decor surface solution provider which was established in January 2010 (the import and export window of T&H Group). With rich experience in decor melamine manufacturing, I.decor decorative melamine paper company has attached great importance to making innovations in decorative material products. We can supply high-quality decorative melamine paper and hot sale decorative material contact paper products at more competitive prices and favourable trading terms. I.Decor is a decor paper manufacturer that specializes in various high-quality decorative materials and melamine paper, our main products contain decor paper with fresh styles and designs.

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