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The problem of pre-curing degree of melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-03-02

Melamine impregnated paper manufacturers may have many problems with the pre-curing degree in the process of hot pressing production, which must be solved in time.

For the pre-curing caused by the curing agent is too high, it is necessary to reduce the temperature, reduce the pressure, and shorten the hot-pressing cycle to solve the problem, mainly to slow down the speed of the curing reaction and shorten the reaction cycle; If the pre-curing caused by the dipping and drying temperature is too high, it is also necessary to reduce the temperature, increase the pressure, and prolong the time, in order to improve the fluidity of the glue in the molten state. For melamine-impregnated paper with inconsistent pre-curing degrees, the treatment is more complicated, but for products with a high degree of curing in the first stage, the method of lowering the temperature and increasing the time should be adopted.

For the melamine-impregnated paper with too low volatile content, it is not suitable for production under high temperature conditions, and the hot pressing temperature should be appropriately lowered to slow down the reaction speed.

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