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ID7028-Virginia Oak

ID7028-Virginia Oak


【产品介绍】ID7028-弗吉尼亚白橡Virginia Oak
Production IntroductionID7028-Virginia Oak


Virgina Oak 弗吉尼亚白橡来自西班牙DECOTEC的原装设计

Virgina Oak comes from original design of Spanish DECOTEC


 The xylem color of Virgina Oak  that direct from mountain forest in the eastern United States is light, closing to white. Color in heartwood from palm gray to light brown. Brown grain with pale yellow can be full of change.


品名:Virgina Oak 弗吉尼亚白橡 ID7028



Products description: The Virgina Oak tree delicate and morbidezza, scar knots were taken off by designer to show the right horizontal shadow, make it different from the others. strong stereo feeling and solid wood feeling Virgina Oak is the ideal selection for your armoire and desk.


Home decoration application and Color matching


Together external quality and internal spirit perfectly present the taste of fashion.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------高品味的家居设置能使空间整体感雍容端正,家具的个性代表着主人的修养。性情和语言的,只有深知家具品性 的设计者才能真正领悟。
High-graded household layout enables wholeness of space to be more graceful. Individuality of furniture represents master's culture, disposition and language.

完美的家居视觉,感受到到处充满活力,如同挥之不去的精灵,游荡在阳光 的明媚里。

Only designer who know furniture character deeply can truly understand. Perfect home vision make you feel active from anywhere, like lingering spirit wander in the bright sunlight.

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