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Color trends| WITH YOU

Color trends| WITH YOU


Childhood is like a palette,Make a beautiful first step in your life.It is as red as a spring flower,Green as summer leaves,Gold like autumn wheat,White as snow in winter.

The world in the eyes of children is playful and interesting,clean and bright.At this moment, let's go back to the wonderful childhood together!

Lemon Sherbet(BT142)

Bright and clean Lemon Sherbet,it is very soft but full of youth vigour.

Cream orange(BT022)

Cream orange (bt022) is a color with cream tone, which is more warm and less sharp than high saturation orange. It has a great personality and style, and gives full visual impact.

Lilac lilac(BT1101)

As a necessary color, it will be hot for a long time.

Diversified colors reflect the market demand for soft saturated colors. Lilac lilac (bt1101) is the most avant-garde purple tone this season.

Autumn wave blue(BT1102)

With the emergence of water blue series, the light color autumn wave blue (bt1102) contains a little green tone, which is quietly sweeping the whole market.

Quiet green(BT141)

Green continues to affect the design industry. Quiet green (bt141) evolved from the popular new mint green, but more soft and quiet.

Happy Children's Day



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