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MFX- Made the New Noise In Jakarta

MFX- Made the New Noise In Jakarta


MFX- Made the New Noise In Jakarta

MFX, a new group of innovative minds gathering in Jakarta, to present the  charm of melamine surface for furniture industry.                                                               


F- Face

X- different substrate, it can be Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, etc.

MFX consist of A Panel, I. Décor, Liamax, Moltec, Wemhoner


Melamine Face panel is a new industry in Indonesia, though there are some big companies like SPF, Rimba, Aica, Taco, their main market is oversea. There are some pioneers, like A Panel, Arjuna, who is promoting the melamine face furniture, start getting more successful in the market. 

Melamine face means more options for the interior design, means more faster and easy process for manufacturers, means more beautiful and comfortable life for consumers. 

So, melamine face, a good material for decor surface, it should be known by more and more people. 

Indonesia is a raw pearl, there is no limit of her charm.

Thanks to our good partner --A Panel, Indonesia is the first station of MFX, we will keep on going, 

as the promotion ambassador of melamine face worldwide.

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