Art Deco

- 艺 · 饰 -

Art Deco is a luxurious look, with rich timber colours, black marble, metallic accents and jewel colours, reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s. Symmetrical geometric shapes and beautiful curved joinery reflect this era of style.  Built-in timber seating with luscious velvet upholstery and stone table tops teamed with iconic art deco style metallic lighting, creates a luxurious yet comfortable space.

艺·饰呈现的是一种华丽的风格,用层次丰富的木纹颜色,黑色大理石,金属元素和珠宝的颜色,搭配出19世纪20和30年代的怀旧风。均匀对称的几何形状和优美的弧形线条映射出这个时代的风格。嵌入式的木质座椅搭配天鹅绒的装饰,石材的桌面搭配Art Deco标志性的金属灯饰,渲染出一个豪华而舒适的空间。

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