Matters needing attention during transportation of melamine decorative paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-08

Melamine decorative paper is widely used in our home decoration, and we should pay attention to its transportation safety when using it, so what matters should we pay attention to during transportation, so as to better ensure its effect Woolen cloth.

During transportation, the melamine decorative paper should be prevented from severe deformation and the aging of the surface coating caused by the sun and rain. In the process of transportation and handling, try to handle it as gently as possible. Before actual transportation, it is necessary to repeatedly check whether there are dangerous items hidden in the car body that endanger the normal use of melamine decorative paper. It is best to bind anti-extrusion and anti-friction protective materials around and in places that are easily damaged, and at the same time, keep the board away from the invasion and harm of water, fire and other substances during transportation.

In this way, we can better ensure its transportation effect, and we should also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance work according to different use environments when using it, so that we can ensure its use effect and life.

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