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How to realize green production in paper processing and packaging enterprises

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-13

In today's market, no paper processor can ignore sustainable trends in the packaging industry. Although we have realized the importance of sustainable development and seen its tenacious vitality under the economic crisis, it is not enough just to know what sustainable development is and why it is important. We must find the right way to achieve sustainable development. method. On the one hand, paper mills purchase renewable energy credits for the energy they consume; use 100% recycled raw materials; apply for every certification related to sustainability Environmental issues are explained. But attentive readers may find that most printing companies have loud thunder and little rain. They keep saying that they want to implement green production, but there is not much change in actual operation. Maybe reducing waste and energy consumption does have some benefits for the environment and can help businesses improve their brand image, but how much are they actually worth? Therefore, in order to truly embark on the road of green environmental protection, enterprises must learn to play the role of educators and communicators between consumer demand and industry status quo. Change the established policy. If a paper processing factory wants to complete the role change naturally, it should start from the requirements of customers, analyze the principles behind these requirements, and communicate them to raw material suppliers in order to create a competitive solution. Program. Subsequently, paper processing companies can also educate customers about what was unreasonable in their original requirements and what unique services they can expect from the company. All in all, in the pursuit of sustainable development, companies must integrate the core concepts of education and innovation. To do this, paper processing companies must learn to leverage their relationships with consumers and suppliers. Packaging end users are mainly responsible for putting forward market demands, such as recycled materials or certain certifications; and paper processing companies should communicate this information to raw material manufacturers in a timely manner, so that they can adjust the direction of research and development. When customers put forward new requirements, paper processing companies not only try to meet them, but also educate them on the issues involved in these requirements; and when suppliers propose how to achieve greater development, these It is also necessary to tell them the latest demand in the market while bargaining. True sustainable development is impossible if we do not communicate adequately.

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