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Decoration is not easy, material selection needs to be careful

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-13

The society is developing rapidly, and people's living standards are improving, but people are getting busier and busier, and they don't have much time at their own disposal, so the time spent on new house decoration is quite limited. Department personnel hope to find a more professional decorative material company to provide corresponding services to greatly save time. Let's take a look at the materials needed for wall decoration first.

The commonly used wall materials include latex paint, wallpaper, wall tiles, coatings, decorative panels, plastic corner protectors, metal decorative materials, wall coverings, wall felts, etc.
1. Wallpaper.
The wallpapers on the market are mainly plastic wallpapers. The biggest advantage is that the colors, patterns and textures change endlessly, which is far richer than paint.
When buying wallpaper, it is mainly to choose its pattern and color, pay attention to the combination of color patterns when paving, so that the overall style and color are unified.
2. Paints
The commonly used paints for home decoration mainly include the following categories:
(1) Low-grade water-soluble paints: 106 and 803 paints are common.
(2) Latex paint: soft and durable, easy to apply and clean. The choice of latex paint can be selected according to personal preference, room lighting, area size and other factors.
(3) Colorful spraying: The colorful spraying is dispersed in water in the form of oil-in-water. Once sprayed, it can form a variety of color patterns, which are elegant and generous, and have a three-dimensional sense. Moreover, the paint has good oil resistance and alkali resistance, and can be washed with water.
(4) Paste-like interior wall paint (imitation porcelain paint): The advantages of imitation porcelain paint are that the surface is fine and smooth, like porcelain, and it is not powdery, non-toxic, odorless, good in air permeability and low in price. However, the temperature resistance and scrub resistance are poor.
3. Decorative panels
The interior wall decoration materials include various wall panels, wooden skirtings or cover panels, and the materials used are plywood, plastic panels, aluminum alloy panels, stainless steel panels and Zinc plate, enamel plate, etc. Plywood is the main type of interior wall decorative panels. According to the number of layers, it can be divided into three plywood, five plywood, etc., according to its tree species, it can be divided into ash, beech, nanmu, teak, etc.
4. Wall covering (wallpaper)
The commonly used non-woven wall coverings and glass fiber wall coverings.
5. Wall tiles: In home decoration, ceramic products are often used to decorate walls, floors, and cabinets. Ceramic products have low water absorption, anti-corrosion and strong anti-aging ability. There are many kinds of ceramic tiles, including glazed tiles, spotted-glazed tiles, white background pattern tiles, whole body tiles, etc.

In the decoration, not only should the wall be beautifully decorated, but also soft decoration, and the matching of various styles of furniture. In this regard, we are more professional, specializing in the production of wood grain paper, Polaroid Paper, heat transfer printing paper can give you a whole house color matching.

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