Anticorrosion Treatment of Melamine Decorative Paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-07

Melamine decorative paper is widely used in furniture. It can not only play its decorative effect but also protect the use of furniture. Of course, we should also pay attention to its anti-corrosion when using it.

The reason why wood products rot is because of the damage of wood rot fungi. Therefore, in the production process, the main anti-corrosion method is to reduce the water content. As long as the water content is controlled below 18%, wood rot Bacteria cannot reproduce. Another method is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion treatment in the humid environment. Chemical preservatives are painted on the surface of the wood or injected into the interior of the wood to make it have anti-corrosion properties, which can effectively prevent it from being eroded by wood rot fungi or borers.

Of course, when we use it, we should also pay attention to the corresponding treatment according to different use environments, and pay attention to correct maintenance when using it, so as to better play its effect.

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