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A classic collision on retro trend

A classic collision on retro trend




都说时尚是场经典的轮回,Art Deco系列旨在带你回到那个时代,感受怀旧中奢华的魅力

It is said that fashion is a classic cycle, Art Deco series is designed to take you back to that era, feel the charm  of louxury and nostalgia.



时代的风格。嵌入式的木质座椅搭配天鹅绒的装饰,石材的桌面搭配Art Deco标志性的金属


Art Deco is a luxurious look, with rich timber colours, black marble, metallic accents and

jewel colours, reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s. Symmetrical geometric shapes and beautiful

curved joinery reflect this era of style.  Built-in timber seating with luscious velvet upholstery

and stone table tops teamed with iconic art deco style metallic lighting, creates a luxurious

yet comfortable space.

- ID-1118 颜如玉 -

Bauhinia Marble


Black marble is sober and advanced, which endows space with aristocratic temperament. It is matched with metal elements and interprets luxurious style.

-ID-2014 丝质栎橡 -

Silky Oak


Soft and silk texture with smooth lines, steady dark brown stone combined with metal elements,showing inconspicuous and luxury feeling.

-ID-1124 金网编织 -

Metallic Weave


It's full of the metallic luster and the texture of weaving. Gold mesh weaving with matte mesh and marble with skin-sensitive surface, you will find that luxury also has an introverted side.

-ID-1304 安提克墙 -

Antique Wall

复古的怀旧彰显着价值的沉淀,感性的柔和中透露着个性的追求,老旧的怀表,皮质的座椅,裸露的灯丝, 将时代浓缩进了场景中。

The retro nostalgia highlights the precipitation of significant value, the emotional softness reveals the pursuit of personality, the old pocket watch, the leather seat, the bare filament, which condenses the epitome of the times into the scene.

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