Why do we have to stick decorative paper? what is the benefit?

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-18

Now when we are doing decoration, we all choose to do wall stickers, so why do we need wall stickers? What are the benefits of wall stickers? Decorative materials to give you a brief introduction:
1. Anti-cracking

Walls painted with latex paint generally have cracks in about two years situation. Especially in some dry cities in the north. It is impossible for the wall to crack when laying wallpaper, unless the wall is cracked as a whole.

2. Scrub resistance

No matter how scrub-resistant the latex paint wall is, it can't be cleaned with a wet towel, and the wallpaper has a waterproof membrane on the surface, and it will be damaged after being dirty. It can be cleaned with detergent, soft brush, etc.

It is very convenient.
3. Airtightness is an advantage

If the wall is breathable, the radon gas in the building wall material will be slowly released into the living room.
4. Not easy to damage

Under normal impact, the wallpaper is not easy to be damaged, unlike the general latex paint wall that is easy to bump and peel off.
Wait, there are still many advantages to installing wallpaper, so if you haven't decorated it yet, you can use wallpaper to try it out, and the effect will definitely satisfy you.

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