When was I.DECOR established?
I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. was founded at the stage when the linen art paper business just started. At that moment we took the opportunity to develop the business and even extend the whole industry chain. It is our continued efforts and investment that contributes to the current complete supply chain and the huge sales around the world. We are determined that this segment will grow further in the future, and that both pioneers and newcomers will have a position in it.

As one of the SMEs in China, I.DECOR is reliable. Various in styles, I.DECOR's marble sticky paper can meet the needs of different customers. With growing market demands, it is highly attached importance on improving energy efficiency and durability, and it embraces much popularity nowadays thanks to its illumination oputput efficiency, pure light color, and glare-free capacity. This product is odorless and environment-friendly. The product will soon become the standardized one in the field. This product is odorless and environment-friendly.

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