What to pay attention to when using melamine paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

In order to be more beautiful when decorating, many people choose melamine paper as a decorative material. What precautions should we take when laying melamine paper? We together look! 1. During the process of pasting the melamine paper, we must keep the wall dry before we can lay the decorative paper. It is worth noting that we must be careful not to make irregular construction unsuitable for decoration. Mix in the brushed sea sand. 2. We are optimistic about the quality of the melamine paper decorative paper. We should pay attention to observe whether there is a large gap between the two decorative papers and whether the parquet is aligned. In addition, watering and so on will wet the decorative paper when laying, and it will shrink to a certain extent after drying, so keep the expansion and contraction position. The shrinkage joints on the wall should not open to the windward opening as much as possible. 3. After we paste the melamine paper, do not open the doors and windows within 24 hours. If we ventilate too much, it will cause the melamine paper to dry sharply, shrink unevenly, and cause cracks at the seams. After three days of laying, we should pay attention to ventilation. In order to prevent moisture from entering, we should open doors and windows during the day for ventilation, and close doors and windows at night. The above is the news information we have summarized for you. If you want to know more news information, please continue to pay attention to our company's official website!

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