What to pay attention to when using melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-26

The production raw materials of melamine impregnated paper manufacturers should be used after passing the inspection. The unqualified ones must not flow into the production line, and we must pay attention to matters when using melamine impregnated paper.

Before laying the melamine impregnated paper, make sure that each page is dry and smooth to prepare it well for future use. After the melamine-impregnated paper is paved, attention should be paid to its use environment. It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun, and it should be placed in a cool place, so as to ensure that the melamine-impregnated paper product will not fade. In the process of daily use, the melamine impregnated paper should not be washed with a large amount of water to prevent the melamine paper from swelling.

Generally, melamine-impregnated paper manufacturers must operate in strict accordance with the process requirements during the impregnation process to ensure that the amount of glue, volatile matter content and pre-curing degree meet the technical requirements.

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