What to pay attention to when brushing furniture veneer paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-02

When laying furniture veneer paper, you need to use glue. If you want to lay it flat and have a good effect, you should pay more attention when applying glue.

Before applying glue, ensure the cleanliness of the board and stickers. Because if there are impurities, it will affect our paving effect, especially for the stickers, it is likely to be scratched and damaged. After the cleaning is completed, the substrate should also be dry. We all know that if the glue contains moisture, the adhesive effect cannot be achieved. When applying glue, be sure to pay attention to the uniformity and do not use too much, otherwise it will penetrate into the board and affect the quality of the board.

After the paving is completed, it needs to be pressed to ensure that the glue exerts its effect in a short time to achieve a firm paste, and it can be more stable after a period of time.

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