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Please come in, Tulip fans.

Please come in, Tulip fans.


  Home Decoration

As everyone knows, Tulip is a very romantic and beautiful flower, elegant and sophisticated. However, another identity of Tulip maye be a tree. Amazing, they just have the same name. One can brighten your heart, the other one can decorate your room. Next, ID-6010 Tulip Tree will wake up your vision,please.


ID-6010Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree  grows in North America. Because its flower is tulip shape,Europeans call it this. Clear and unique mountain grain records the change of the four seasons. Meanwhile, the wood strong resistance to harmful gases makes it be sought by many consumers.


ID-6010Tulip Tree

The isolation of the space shows the independence of the study room, the  wood furniture increases bring warmth and illumination.  The visual effect of silk accords with the physiological light sense of the human eye, comfortable and healthy.   



ID-6010Tulip Tree

Light-colored wood is espacially suitable for your office space, which goes well with anything.


ID-6010Tulip Tree

The space follows thespace design principle. The use of black ceiling reduces the height, and  warm colors creates various layers of space. 


ID-6010Tulip Tree

The simple grey system meets the gentle wood grain, and the quite common green plant adds a little bit lively . 

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