What products has I.DECOR developed?
Established years ago, I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. has gone through a lot of hardships and tribulations in product research and development. At present, we have independently developed several series of products and received wide favors from customers from different industries. wood style paper is our flagship product. This product is the excellent offspring combining the intelligence and hard sweat of our employees including designers, technicians, and workers. It is characterized by versatility, reliability, and durability, and has an attractive appearance which will grab people's attention at their first sight.

I.DECOR is a professional decor paper producer for global customers. We will show you the walnut melamine series that is most popular with customers. Thanks to its green properties such as reduced power use, low carbon emission, and low maintenance rate, this product gains much popularity among contemporary LED lighting projects. Various color for the same design can be customized according to requirements. The growth of sales strongly indicates the wider market application of the product in the future. The product is widely used on the flat surface.

With high quality, competitive price and first-class service, I.DECOR become first choice for most customers. Call now!
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