What problems should be paid attention to in the printing workshop of melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Melamine impregnated paper is a common decorative material in life. Today, the editor will mainly explain the problems that the printing workshop should pay attention to: 1. Gravure printing machine safety operation rules
1. The captain is responsible for supervising the safety of the machine equipment and crew.
2. Before the operation, the operator must wear the work clothes and work shoes neatly, fasten the placket and cuffs of the clothes, and do not put sundries in the pockets, and do not wear watches and various accessories.
3. Before starting the machine, the required lubricating oil (grease) should be added to each oil filling point, lubricating point and oil tank of the machine.
4. Without approval, non-crew members are not allowed to start the machine without authorization, and the assistants and apprentices should work under the guidance of the captain.
5. Before starting the machine, check whether there are sundries in various parts of the fuselage. You must first respond to the signal before and after to confirm the safety around the machine before starting the machine.
6. Before the machine is running, it should be counter-pointed for several weeks, and then punctual for several weeks, so as to prevent debris between the rollers from damaging the blanket, printing plate, etc.
7. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving working surface with hands, and it is not allowed to repair and wipe the machine, and it is not allowed to cross the rotating part.
8. Crew members should strictly abide by the division of labor, pay attention to the operation of various parts of the machine at all times, and immediately stop the machine if any problem is found.
9. The workplace should be kept clean and unobstructed, and the ground. There are no sundries around the workbench and machine, and maintenance tools and spare parts should be placed in the specified position.
10. During work, no one is allowed to laugh, play, or make loud noises around the machine.
11. When the work is over, clean the machine, protect the printing plate, scrub the blanket, impression cylinder and roller pillow, and turn off the power. 12. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine.
Two. Precautions for gravure printing machines
1. During operation, do not put your hands into the running parts of the machine, especially the pinch rollers.
2. When checking the machine, the main power switch on the main control cabinet must be turned off.
3. When the machine is stopped for operation adjustment, the stop button should be locked.
4. When doing electrical inspection, turn off the main power.
5. When threading and cleaning on the hot roller in the drying box, be sure to turn off the heat source first.
6. Before starting the machine, it should be confirmed that the ventilation of the drying box and the ventilation of the workshop are normal.
Toning Workshop
In actual printing, there are often problems with color matching. If you do not understand the basic knowledge of ink performance and color, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.
1. Understand the change rule of the addition of the three primary color inks, analyze the color of the primary color manuscript, and find out the main color. The color of the ink is dark and the gloss is reduced. Note that the same type of ink produced by the same factory should be used when adjusting the ink. It is best to use inks of the same type of pigments to avoid chemical reactions or difficult affinity.
3. Changes in the addition of the three primary colors: The primary color red contains a small amount of primary yellow, which is bright red, and gradually becomes golden red, orange red, deep yellow, and medium yellow with the increase of the yellow phase. The original yellow with a little original blue is grass green, and as the blue phase increases, it gradually becomes emerald green, brilliant green, medium green, dark green, and dark green. Original blue with a little original red is medium blue, which gradually becomes dark blue, ultramarine blue, green lotus blue, and purple with the increase of red phase. The original red plus a little original blue is deep red, and after increasing the blue phase, it becomes purple, the deepest red is purple, and the deepest blue is also purple.
4. White ink, gray ink, and black ink have no hue, only saturation. The addition of any color ink to white ink will make the ink luster rise and shine, and at the same time the color will decrease. If black ink is added, the gloss and color of the ink will decrease.
The above is the safety operation process and precautions of melamine impregnated paper. If you want to know other relevant information, please contact us. Article source: Website: www.sdtszscl.com

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