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What kind of cat do cataholic like best? May be orange cat, because of area.

What kind of cat do cataholic like best? May be orange cat, because of area.



It's said that whether the cat belongs to you or someone else's ,if you are attracted by this cat, you will become a cataholic at on


How to be a qualified cataholic? 

It means that a man is very attractive to cats, also called cat person. After that, it becomes a feeling of extreme love for cats .People unable to bear kiss and hugget along with the cats could bring a great deal of satisfaction.


Why are more and more people becoming cataholics?

The reasons are increasing living pressure, frequent population movement, the rise of "homebody" and so on. People life more and more rich while lonelier. The lack of emotion permeates all aspects of life, make pets be a new favorite of modern people. 

What kind of cat do cataholic like best?  Orange cat--Of course it is.


Orange cats get fat easily, even could "collapse the bed enough". They are an unique creature. With its weight, they created a new breed in cats. They are good at feeding, not picky and don't need too much indulgence. 

The fat orange cat likes a sugar figurine. Yes, it is a balloon with four small sticks. Big orange stripes with a chubby body, whoever can't help kissing.


The color of ID-6009 Moonlight is just like them , which both belong to “healing”. 

Look at the next picture and you’ll understand.


As if orange cats, the Moonlight has a warm hue and a soft feeling in the vision. Under the premise of unified hue, make the different changes in depth. Between the caramel color and the camel is popular in the autumn and winter that lead another more attractive warm-tone and create a unique wood texture. 

As wood grain, it's in a class of its own. Even those natural knots can satisfy our yearning of nature and warmth.


The orange makes the kitchen look brighter and is a sharp contrast to black marble. It’s time to enjoy the pleasant cooking when the sunshine is in the room.


Warm colors make people feel full of energy. Yet the color of Moonlight is not harsh, which reflects the warmth of the summer. Its emphasis on grain also makes the family embrace the works of God. Showing a more real and original environment.


So, have you been cured by them?

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