What exhibitions does I.DECOR participate in?
I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. has never missed the opportunity to showcase its strength to the industry and has participated in many exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, we exchange innovative thinking and product insights with industry insiders. Participating in the exhibition is always a useful journey for our company. We learn by comparing the strengths and weaknesses of other exhibits, from which we know how to further improve our themes and services.

I.DECOR has gained world-wide popularity because of decorative paper. We will show you the I Collection series that is most popular with customers. To prove the safety of I.DECOR apartment interior design , several quality tests have been conducted by our QC team such as microbiological, toxicology, stability tests. This product is of high quality for durable use. It will effectively support users' today and long-term needs. The product is widely used on the flat surface.

The culture of paper design in I.DECOR has attracted more and more customers. Inquiry!
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