What are the reasons for the warping of melamine furniture paper?

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-19

The appearance of melamine furniture paper has brought people a lot of convenience. It can cover the defects of the board, but it also has a disadvantage: that is, it will bend slightly during use. Why? We together look! 1. From the point of view of the hot pressing process, the temperature of the upper and lower platens may be too high when we use it, and the curing speed of the adhesive film on both sides of the substrate is not synchronized during the pressing process. If the stacking method of melamine furniture paper products is incorrect after hot pressing, it will also cause the melamine furniture paper to warp. 2. In terms of materials, the two layers of paper used in melamine furniture paper have different properties and different use effects, so it will cause the melamine furniture paper to warp. The reason for the slight curvature of melamine furniture paper is caused by many factors. If you want to know more news, please continue to pay attention to our company's official website! We will continue to introduce more exciting news content for you.

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