What are the process standards for melamine impregnated paper?

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Melamine impregnated paper is widely used in the veneer of cabinets, wardrobes and laminate floors, and the demand is also increasing, and the corresponding production volume is also increasing. However, the quality of products that cannot be neglected because of the increase in production volume, we still need to produce according to certain production standards, so as to make consumers feel more at ease. Let's take a look at the process standards of melamine impregnated paper with us.

The so-called production process standard is to make the product better meet the standard, so the following issues need to be paid more attention:
1. Warpage of the veneer: There are many reasons for the warpage of the veneer. The main ones are: uneven impregnation of base paper with different volatiles.
There is no thickness gauge for hot pressing; the temperature difference between the upper hot pressing plate and the lower hot pressing plate is too large, so that the curing speed of the two sides of the veneer is inconsistent, causing the plate to bend toward the fast curing side.

Measures to be taken:
①Adjust the impregnation speed of the base paper and adjust the impregnating resin according to the requirements;
②Increase the thickness gauge of hot pressing to control the compression thickness;
③Adjust the upper, Lower the temperature difference of the pressing plate, so that the adjustment difference does not exceed 4 degrees Celsius

2. Adhesion to the polishing plate: The melamine resin partially adheres to the polishing plate during curing, which causes the surface of the veneer to crack. The reasons are:

The curing time is too long or the hot pressing temperature is too high;
No release agent in melamine resin;
Quality of polishing plate decreased.

The above shortcomings can be overcome by adjusting the hot pressing temperature, adding a release agent when adjusting the glue, and a better polishing plate, such as a chrome-plated polishing plate.

The above are two points in the process standard of melamine impregnated paper. For more process standards of melamine impregnated paper, please continue to pay attention to the official website, thank you.

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