What are the process requirements for melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

What are the technological requirements for melamine-impregnated paper? The most popular one is melamine-impregnated paper. What are the technological requirements for melamine-impregnated paper:
For the veneer treatment of melamine-impregnated paper , which is formed by the resin on the impregnated paper melting, flowing and solidifying to form a uniform and closed surface.
According to the requirements of melamine-impregnated paper, the curing temperature is 150-160°C. For this reason, the hot pressing plate of the short-cycle press should be heated to 190-200 °C, and there is a layer of buffer between the slab and the hot pressing plate. pad. Thirdly, when the melamine resin is cured, under the action of the temperature of the hot press, the interior of the resin begins to crosslink, and the low molecular weight polymer is polycondensed into a high molecular weight polymer with the loss of moisture. It should be noted that after the veneer process of melamine-impregnated paper is completed, the curing of the resin may continue. The heat of the veneer itself cannot be dissipated, which will cause excessive hardening of the surface resin layer, which can also reduce the strength and cause surface cracks.
Appropriate pressure can ensure a good bond between the board and the paper, make the resin in the melamine-impregnated paper flow evenly, and form a closed, non-porous surface; and make up for unevenness and thickness tolerances of the substrate surface .
Through the above brief introduction, do you have any further understanding of melamine impregnated paper? Welcome to add.

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