What are the main measures for the reuse of condensed water in melamine paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Melamine-impregnated paper is a commonly used decorative material and is widely used. Today, I will explain to you the main measures for melamine paper to reuse condensed water:
1. Part of the mixed condensed water can be used as Washing machine water and squeezing spray pipe water can be used for unbleached pulp washing, screening and washing after oxygen bleaching. The remaining mixed condensate water can be sent to the hot water tank of the caustic chemical section, and used as the washing of the slag filter and the lime mud filter, the spray water of the lime mud tank and the digester, and other various spray and dilution water. The stripped condensate is usually used for washing of unbleached stock. Some pulp mills have also found that adding air-stripped condensate to the mixed condensate prior to distribution for use works well.
2. If the condensed water from each effect of the evaporator and the condenser is neither separated nor stripped, the condensed water should be managed and used separately according to the degree of cleanliness. Cleaner process condensate is directly used for washing, screening and causticizing of unbleached pulp, and sewage condensate is sent to air stripping treatment.
3. The cleaner condensed water can be reused in the warm water pipe or warm water pool. The use of warm water pools is very common today, it improves water management and enhances the tandem use of energy. All clean condensate can be combined into a warm water tank and reused throughout the mill. Generally speaking, the temperature of warm water should be kept in the range of 45-50℃, which can meet the water requirements in most cases. Excess warm water should be drained into the gutters or replaced with fresh water after cooling.
The above are the main measures for the reuse of condensed water for melamine impregnated paper. If you want to know more relevant information, you are welcome to inquire.

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