What are the factors that affect the hot pressing effect of melamine decorative paper?

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

During the production process of melamine decorative paper, it needs to be processed by hot pressing process, but the hot pressing process also has certain attention, otherwise the hot pressing process will directly affect the decorative paper

However, we should also pay attention to the following factors, which will also affect the hot pressing effect of melamine decorative paper.
1. Hot pressing temperature: Provide the energy required for the curing of the adhesive, increase the plasticity of the wood, and reduce the hot pressing pressure.
Second, the principle of determining the temperature: the selection of the hot pressing temperature should consider factors such as the type of adhesive, the variety of wood-based panels, the production capacity of the equipment, the moisture content of the slab and the thickness of the plate.
3. Time temperature curve: The hot pressing temperature refers to the surface temperature of the hot pressing plate, and the actual heat transfer process of the slab is more complicated.
The brief introduction above is a brief introduction to the factors that affect the hot pressing effect of melamine. I have learned about the influencing factors of the hot pressing effect of melamine decorative paper, so that it can be used in a timely manner.

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