What are I.DECOR shipping modes?
I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. may ship by any means based on the time limitations and cost factors of your project. For global destinations sending, the price might vary. We've experienced partners all around the world which may assist you to get through the full delivery procedure. If necessary, we can arrange the transportation to you -- whether during our intermodal providers, other providers or a combo of both. It will be set by your preferences in addition to the access to transportation services at both ports.

I.DECOR has strong technical strength and processing capabilities. I.DECOR's decorative printing paper series are created based on unremitting efforts. The raw materials of I.DECOR melamine foil finish are selected and processed by our qualified technicians who uphold the highest safety standards in the sauna industry. It is made from non-toxic material. To prevent performance breakdown, the heat generated from it is absorbed into a heat sink, a cooling system installed in the product. The color matching system is useful for different products.

our company holds the business philosophy of stone effect paper. Get an offer!
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