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Veneer pressure of melamine dipped paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-10

The coordination of temperature and pressure is very important when veneering melamine dipped paper, and today we will learn about the pressure of veneer.

In the process of veneer, pay attention to the speed of pressure application, and the pressure should meet the process requirements in the shortest time possible, which is very important to improve the quality of melamine dipped paper . And the use of suitable pressure can ensure a good bond between the board and the paper, so the pressure must meet the standard. In addition, the appropriate pressure can make the resin in the dipped paper flow evenly, form a closed, non-porous surface, and can also compensate for the uneven surface of the substrate.

Before laying the melamine dipped paper, you must ensure the flatness and dryness of the surface of the object, and after laying, you should avoid sun exposure to prevent accelerated fading.

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