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Velvet series |

Velvet series |




Himalaya Design Awards喜马拉雅·设计之巅奖


By "TOP Decoration world" magazine, Gao Ding exhibition, China Gao Ding club hand in hand to build, take the peak determination, for Gao Ding.

Relying on the selection concept of "rigorous, fair and just",

Committed to promoting the development of high quality home design,

To improve the quality of human living space and lifestyle,

Lay a new height for the quality of human life.


Built by One Research one line,

Design elegant and exquisite noble living space,

It not only gives full play to the charm of velvet and other products,

It also shows the gorgeous sense and fashion sense of the whole space of "French Romance".

Trophies and Certificates


France is the capital of romance,

It is also a country full of artistic sentiment.

It lies in their pursuit of elegance, refinement and comfort.

French women are the pursuit of the ultimate sense of elegance.

This design is based on this theme,

Designed to create a warm space with noble and elegant temperament,

Thus the Romance of France was born.


X15004 Velvet series with tension stereoscopic coffee wood grain,

Let the whole space warm and retro modern sense.

With a hint of refracted luster, it's not only elegant,

It is a proper expression of emotion.


The fusion of function and aesthetics

The golden ratio of wardrobe integrity is stronger,

The bronzed lines are simple and elegant.

Wardrobe design and storage function is powerful,

The upper level design of the hanging area makes clothes at a glance,

He can switch seasons with ease.

Large areas with neutral colors of ka leather and wood grain,

Make the space elegant and warm.

The design materials of the products are mainly decorative panels and metal,

Through different materials, the space level is richer.

The fusion of function and aesthetics.




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