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Types of melamine impregnated paper base paper materials

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-28

If it is a different manufacturer of melamine impregnated paper, the base paper materials used in the production process may be different. Let's take a look at what types are there:

The first is decorative paper, which should have Good covering ability, avoid the color, sawdust, burrs and other problems of the substrate from appearing after hot pressing. If the surface structure of the substrate is rough, the basis weight of the decorative paper should be larger to cover the roughness of the surface. Then there is the surface paper, which is generally only covered with a layer of surface paper on the decorative paper when the laminate floor is veneered, because the low-pressure short-cycle process limits the thickness of the surface melamine-impregnated paper. There is also a balance paper, which is actually used for veneer on the back of the substrate, which can play a role in structural balance.

In the process of using, we should choose the matching balance paper according to the number of layers of the melamine impregnated paper, the type of substrate, the thickness, the pressing process and other conditions.

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