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Type of base paper used for melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-27

In the production process of different melamine impregnated paper manufacturers, the base paper materials used may also be different, because there are many different types of base paper.

First of all, there are generally three types of plain paper, printing paper, and wear-resistant paper, among which plain paper also has primary color paper and printing paper, and the primary paper color is the best , the hue is pure, not easy to change color; and the color of the printing paper is relatively uneven. Generally, plain printing paper is used as the backing paper. There is also a wood grain paper, which is printed on the basis of the base paper. According to the realistic requirements of the wood grain, the number of plate rollers used for printing is also different. In addition, the wear-resistant paper is a veneer paper with added aluminum oxide, and its use can make the surface layer of the melamine-impregnated paper more bright and wear-resistant.

And the wear-resistant paper also has the characteristics of high transparency, wear resistance, flawless, fireproof, convenient maintenance, etc. According to the different production processes, the wear resistance coefficient is also different.

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