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Time conditions for curing and processing of melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-28

In the processing and production of melamine impregnated paper manufacturers, it will be applied to resin materials, and when curing and processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable control of time.

First of all, we can understand the curing time, which mainly means that under the action of the temperature of the hot press, the interior of the resin begins to crosslink, and the low molecular weight polymer is polycondensed into a high molecular weight polymer with the loss of moisture. During this process, the viscosity of the molten resin will increase, and the resin will solidify after being heated for about 10-20s, and a three-dimensional cross-linked structure will gradually form. - Completed within 60s. The curing process of the resin should also be regulated according to the requirements of the process in order to achieve good adhesive properties.

During the production process, a curing agent is actually added to create the acidic environment required for resin curing through its own acidity or release of acidic substances when mixed with the resin, so that the urea-formaldehyde resin can be cured rapidly.

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