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The world is wonderful, but the wallet is so empty.Why not to enjoy the Mediterranean style at home?

The world is wonderful, but the wallet is so empty.Why not to enjoy the Mediterranean style at home?


                    "I want to have a big house." 

                       There are many french windows. 

                    The sun shines on the floor, 

                      so that  My quilt is very warm. " 

Do you remember this "perfect day"? As the lyrics , whether you are "portly middle-aged men" or "Buddhist youths",dream of living in a desirable house. Everyone should have a dream, if by any chance achieving. 


When it comes to the house, do you like the retro? Fashion? Or European simple design style? Now, there is a special choice --DECOTEC Mediterranean series. Unlike previous only just managed to scrape elements together, this design is inspired by the life. Next, follow the designer to feel the world in his eyes. 


"Mediterranean"  permeated in the air and scattered in the corner , but also engraved in the bone. The perfect integration of architecture and environment seems to have been fixed.


You stand in the street and look at the scenery. The person who are standing in front of the window is gazing at you. Person and scenery have been the picture. 


Exquisite cooking, delicate containers, literary ornament, taste delicious and a visual enjoyment. 


There are Lovely freshiness, charming daisies, and those peculiar cactus. To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower,  life should be a miracle.


Mottled bark is the gift of time, vicissitudes of the annual-rings tell the rain and shine , like an old man, quietly staring at the world.

The sentimental creator, the talented artist, the acute designers,put all three together and have got the new Mediterranean products

The new show room: 


The dazzling sunlight was filtered softly by the bamboo curtain, and shadows on the ground like many keyboards with leisure. swaying with the wind, emitting a light leisure. The cloth sofa of the blue and white grid, the green planting of the Yellow flowerpot, globular sofas look like cactus. The simple line, the unaffected color and the soft light, while being an alien land, there is not lack of the warmth. 

Product example:


CP90A2-D001 Lido

As if  Lido island is elegant, fresh and bright rhythm, crisscross texture, lithe and simple visual effect, light luxury  also could feel natural romantic. 



The Atlantic's warm and humid airstream is moistening the French oak.From the aroma of wine to the warmth of feet. Every use is just perfect. The natural grains, the subtle rings and the vivid knots show unique decorative effect. Sure enough, the beauty and strength can be coexistence. 

The world is wonderful,  but the wallet is so empty.Why not  to enjoy the Mediterranean style at home?

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