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The Types of Wallpaper

There are many kinds of decorative materials and how to pick decorative paper ?

Here I will introduce some wallpaper, such as melamine board with impregnated paper, paper wall coverings, vinyl wall coverings, textile wall coverings. They are made of different. decorative materials .

First, paper wallcoverings It is wallpaper which is printed directly in a special heat-resistant paper. Features: matt, environmental, natural, comfortable and warm.

Second, vinyl wallcoverings It is wallpaper which has PVC material on the surface. paper back vinyl wallcoverings are currently the most widely used products. Features: color, rich patterns, affordable, short construction period. fabric back vinyl wallcoverings divides into two types: fabric back vinyl wall coverings and non woven.

Third, textile wallcoverings It's also called textile wallpaper. The surface material is textile materials, which can be printed and embossed. Features: soft, sound-absorbing, breathable, good compatibility, elegant. Yarn wall coverings are made of different yarn or thread form design patterns and colors; weaving class wallpaper have two types, flat-woven face fabric and jacquard woven surface. Flocking wall coverings are made by backing paper and short-staple, which result excellent texture velvet.

Fourth, Metallic wall coverings It is made by Special silk wallpaper made of aluminum, it main color is gold and silver. Features: noble, fireproofing, waterproof.

Fifth, NATURAL material wall coverings It is made of natural materials such as grass, wood, rattan, bamboo, leaves. Features: natural, comfortable and environmental friendly.

Sixth, retarding vinyl wallcoverings It is made by fireproofing materials. Features: fireproof, waterproof, anti-mildew, commonly used in airports or public building.

Seventh, special effect wall coverings It has four types. Fluorescence wallpaper will be light at night, commonly used in the entertainment Glow wallpaper absorbs light energy during the day and at night light. Anti-Bacterial wallpaper can prevent the mold's growth, which is suitable for hospitals. Acoustic wallpaper prevents echo, suitable for theater and conference center. Anti-static wallpaper is suitable for special needs, such as laboratories.

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