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The reason why the veneer veneer sticks to the backing board

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-28
Veneer veneer paper is a good decorative material, and it also has a certain protective effect, but sometimes there is a phenomenon of sticking to the backing board when using it. What is the reason? The first reason is that when the veneer veneer is produced, the hot pressing time is short, or the temperature of the hot pressing plate is low, or the local temperature is low, which will cause the resin to be incompletely cured. The second is caused by the high moisture content of the substrate, so that the amount of glue on the veneer paper is too large and the volatile content is too high. Another phenomenon is that the surface of the steel plate is not clean, the type of release agent is not suitable or the coating is uneven, and this phenomenon can also be caused by the inaccurate positioning of the slab during hot pressing. The sticking phenomenon mostly occurs around the board, which is due to the low temperature of the edge, or it may be caused by the deviation of the slab in the press.
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