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The method to solve the slow drying when printing technology veneer veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-12

We all know that there are many colors and styles of technical veneer veneer paper, which is suitable for various styles of decoration. However, when printing, the ink layer is often slow to dry. What should I do? Melamine impregnated paper takes everyone to know.

First of all, you must know the reason for this, mainly because the ink layer is too thick, the amount of ink is too large, or the additives used If it is not suitable, it will cause the grinding layer to dry slowly. For this, the method of dark ink and thin printing can be used, which can reduce the thickness of the grinding layer. It is also possible to use dry special ink. Then pay attention to the problem of additives. You can appropriately add a matching desiccant. The less water it contains, the faster the drying will be. And for the production workshop, the room temperature should be raised as much as possible, the evaporation rate should be accelerated, and proper ventilation should be carried out.
In the production of technical veneer veneer paper, if the ink layer dries very slowly, the production efficiency will be greatly reduced, so it is very necessary to take measures to solve this problem.
The above is the content introduced to you, you can learn more about it. Hope it can help everyone.

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