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The difference between furniture veneer and wood veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-02
The use of furniture veneer is now a very common decoration, but what is the difference between it and wood veneer? Here's what we need to know. First of all, the raw materials used are different. Furniture veneer paper is essentially a kind of paper, mainly wood pulp kraft paper, which presents different textures on printing after molding. The essence of wood veneer is a kind of wood or veneer. The second is that the price is different. The furniture veneer belongs to the paper category, so the price is lower. The third is that the production process is different. The texture of the veneer is formed by the later printing, which can be designed and produced in the later period, but the texture of the wood veneer is naturally formed. In addition, there is thickness, and the thickness of furniture veneer is thinner. Finally, the scope of application is different. The difference between furniture veneer and wood veneer is different, so that it will have a better effect when used, so you must pay attention when using it.
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