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the counter attack about T&C

the counter attack about T&C

After 12 years of concerted efforts and continued growth, T&C always forged ahead.


T&C is the main production base in East China of I.DECOR, adhering to the concept of 

"profession comes from concentration". T&C  is always a strong supplier, since its creation.


In June 2018, T&C the new office buildings and factories are successfully completed, in 

order to expend its market share and enhace its competitive ability. With a new looking 

and attitude, T&C is reappearing in the western suburbs of Hangzhou.


There is no doubt that the upgrading of equipment and the beautification of the factory 

environment are a great booster, which makes the T&C burst out into youthful energy.



Great lighting, clean space, reasonable planning area, orderly production link, "7S management" 

is playing an important rolein the workshop.


In the field of production, the C&T has introduced the world’s leading IMACO Impregnation 

Line. T&C has entered one, the other one will be entered in September. With advanced

 technology and efficient management, the production capacity of four feet gauge dipping paper 

can be increased to 9 million sheets per annum so that  its prospect will be considerable.

Installation equipment:


Looking back on the past, our thoughts were flying.

Based on today, we have hundred times confidence. 

Looking forward to the future, we wil be rising.


T&C follows the develop pace of TianYuan Group, grow, struggle and compose together  

the Centennial brilliance of TianYuan.

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