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The advantages of melamine impregnated paper after modification

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-22

Melamine-impregnated paper manufacturers need to go through strict procedures when modifying, and melamine-impregnated paper will have more advantages after modification.

In this way, the overall performance of the melamine impregnated paper has been greatly improved, such as strong high temperature resistance, no carbonization and paste; strong covering power, covering the base surface defects, beautiful board surface; good water resistance, High temperature water will not bubble or swell when boiled at will; it has good acid and alkali resistance, and has a long service life. And it is not brittle, good toughness, not sticky, not soft, not easy to decolorize, and will not contaminate the backing plate, so that it does not stick to facilitate paper separation, which is more conducive to the installation operation, and reduces the trouble and cost of washing the backing machine plate. , reducing production costs.

Therefore, the modification of melamine-impregnated paper does have great benefits, and it also makes its appearance more beautiful and higher in use value.

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