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Talking about the coating requirements of wood grain paper furniture

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-16

Do you know the painting requirements of wood grain paper furniture? The following decorative paper manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction.

To make this kind of sticker furniture, painting is a very important part. First of all, according to the purpose of the furniture and the customer to choose the suitable wood grain paper, but also consider the shape of the furniture, the color of the furniture, the patterns on the furniture and the hardware accessories, because these elements can reflect the precipitation of furniture culture.
Features of wood grain paper sticker furniture painting process:
1. The process is simple and easy to operate, just add a gleis on the basis of the original process, which is convenient and practical.
2. It has innovative effects, opens up people's thinking, and finds a very promising direction for the development of sticker furniture.
3. Greatly improve the added value of sticker furniture.
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