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Talking about how the furniture veneer is laminated

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-17

Do you know how furniture veneers are attached? Today, the decorative paper will be introduced to you in detail.

Furniture veneer should also master the correct method when laminating, so that it can play a very important role when using it. worked.
In the lamination of furniture veneer paper, the manufacturer will use the hot pressing veneer process of cold, hot and cold, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of resin curing caused by the high temperature in the early stage of hot pressing, and will not produce normal progress. When choosing, pay attention to choose a single-layer panel with flatness that meets the requirements, and remove the impurities on the surface at the same time, and then put the furniture veneer on the panel. When the slab enters the press, the temperature of the hot plate should be maintained at about 40 degrees. Prevent local curing of the resin, and then heat up and pressurize. Before releasing the pressure, pay attention to reduce the hot-pressing temperature to 40 degrees and then release the pressure.
It is necessary to ensure that the board is flat as a whole, and the surface of the board has a woody feel after being pressed together, and the copper wire insulation pad plays the role of heat conduction and heat preservation, which improves the veneer quality of the furniture veneer paper.
The above is the introduction of the bonding method of furniture veneer paper. Please refer to it and hope it will be helpful to you.

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