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It is one of the hot-selling products of I. Decor.
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It mainly adopts paper. We manufacture it in a variety of color and styles. It is designed to cater to the changing demands and requisites of customers. We adopt a variety of technologies such as arcolor ink, T&H ink (according to special requirement) in the production. Owing to more than thousands of designs, such as wood grain design, solid design and fantasy design, 90228 decor paper 4 feet enjoys distinguished anti-dirty. It is widely applied to flooring, table top, kitchen cabinet etc. It has passed a series of international certifications such as ISO9001:2008 standard. 90228 decor paper 4 feet carries a 1-year warranty. Customized solution is one of our advantages. Click here to see more information about 90228 decor paper 4 feet: http://i-decors.allweyes.com/12

Until now, I. Decor has played a leading role in decorative building materials industry. I. Decor has been leveraging its development in the decorative building materials industry for 18 years. We have successfully established business connections with many trustworthy partners from South-East countries, Middle-East countries and Australia. We have designed and developed decorative paper, melamine paper and printing paper. The design of each Idecor product is modern and fashionable. Customized decorative paper can be provided. Idecor products are of various colors.

Our mission is to continually raise the bar of customer experience by sticking to the business principle of 'To be the best design solution provider for you'. Quickly click on the link to learn more about the company: http://www.i-decors.com

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