Steps for laying melamine decorative paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-12

The melamine decorative paper manufacturer told us that when laying and pasting, we should first ensure that the substrate is dry and flat, and there is no falling off and bulging.

Before pasting, the first thing to do is to make the elastic line. The elastic line is to make horizontal and vertical lines on the treated base layer, and try to keep the same as the angle of the doors and windows. After measuring the height from the top to the bottom of the wall, cut the paper on the ground, add 5cm margin according to the height of the wall, you can cut it directly without parquet. long. Evenly brush the prepared glue on the back of the cut wallpaper, brush enough on both sides, fold and press both sides to keep the glue in place so that the glue can fully penetrate into the back of the paper, and it can be used on the wall in 5 minutes. Brush several wallpapers and post them in sequence.

In order to ensure the firmness of the pasting, the back of the melamine decorative paper and the wall should be brushed with glue. It is required to brush evenly. Finally, cut off the excess and wipe the glue.

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