Several purchasing methods of high-quality veneer veneer paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-07
Veneer veneer has many functions when it is used, but it is still necessary to master certain methods when purchasing. The first is to look closely at the material. The first is to look at the density of the material. The dense veneer has a fine and smooth texture and is easy to process. The rough veneer has a poor texture and requires a lot of materials to process. The second is to look at the processing quality. Good processing quality can have a multiplier effect on improving the quality of the veneer paper. There is also the color of the product. The high-quality veneer veneer has a fresh color and is evenly distributed. There are also textures, and good textures have clear veins and suitable density. In addition, its actual thickness and dry and wet conditions, the moisture content must be low, and the thickness we need is also different, so it must be strictly checked.
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