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Review Activity | Dear Lotus Top5

Review Activity | Dear Lotus Top5


In this hot summer, Tianyuan Aidi has launched a new Chinese activity about calmness and elegance, which allows people to find a moment of rest in the busy and noisy city.Chinese experience activity (new product release) -- "Ailian said" has come to an end after half a month.

    "Ailian said" displays the beauty of design and color in the new Chinese space with the theme of color replacing lotus. In the activity, we collected the votes of every guest, and the top five "Lotus" in their hearts were born among many "lotus".


Urban Oak



The drops of water ripple, layer upon layer halo open, seemingly calm but inside the universe, as in the pool of fish swimming under the water.The three-dimensional effect of white wood thorn brings a strong solid wood texture to this design, without synchronous steel plate, with three-dimensional beauty.Wallboard is the best choice for cabinet doors.


Castle Grey



A stone pattern made from a piece of limestone with a crater like the surface of the moon.In front of the lotus is a pool of clear water reflecting the moon, just like this stone pattern set off against the front of the flower.In terms of application, it is suitable for a tasteful commercial space, which can be widely used to create an atmosphere.

Honduras Oak




Derived from the most popular straight grain technology wood veneer, it is simple, honest as lotus, lotus, flower of the gentleman is also.Because of its strong inclusivity, users can cut and splice at will.At the same time with horizontal grain and vertical grain, horizontal grain let the interior design no height limit, can be a pass to the top, vertical grain can let transverse space infinite extension.


水清石见 Pavimento

The terrazzo of the current Renaissance.Compared with the terrazzo stone that appeared more than ten years ago, the stone grain now appears more rounded, and the overall saturation and contrast are reduced, more hazy, making the picture softer, quieter, and enhancing the comfort of the space.It is mainly matched with matte light or skin sensitive surface, which can be used as baffle and plain color collocation in a large area, or as an ornament for furniture in a small area, alleviating the cold feeling brought by real stone.


Fine Oak



This dark brown oak has a calm character, which is perfectly matched with the incense smoke. It is especially suitable for setting off calm mood, making incense table, tea table, accompanying you to read a book and enjoy a poem.


鸳鸯浦 Victory

Derived from science and technology wood veneer, it has the shape of V-word splice and the arrangement of light and dark, which is simple but not monotonous. From a distance, you can see the darkness as shadow, while from a close you can see the details as clear as silk. It is natural with solid wood, but it does not lose the rhythmic beauty of modern design.The door plate and wall surface are also applicable. 5cm space is convenient for cutting.


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