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Production requirements for furniture veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-01
Furniture veneer paper is used to stick to the surface of furniture to play a certain decorative and protective role, but its production also has certain requirements. In the production of furniture veneer paper, the quality of the base paper must be good, so that the quality of the finished product can be better, and its process also has strict requirements. Especially in the process of dipping, it is necessary to take a sample for inspection every half an hour to ensure that the amount of glue, volatile matter content, and pre-curing degree are within reasonable requirements. Then there is drying. After drying, the veneer needs to be packaged with plastic film immediately and sealed with adhesive tape, so as to ensure that there is no deviation in its quality and surface color. When we use household tissue paper, we should follow the principle of opening as soon as it is used. Paper that cannot be used once should be sealed immediately and sent to the warehouse for storage to prevent unnecessary losses caused by moisture absorption.
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