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Production process of veneer veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-24
The production of veneer veneer paper is a very important matter, so these methods must be well used in the process, so that the performance when used is also good. The first process is to plan the skin, and now there are special planing machines to peel the skin, make veneer, and then cut it into different sizes according to the requirements. After peeling, it is coloring, which is also the core part of the production process. Some soluble dyes can also be added, but not chromium or other heavy metals. Then there is the synthesis, and the pressure applied must be appropriate. It also needs to be glued and then pressed. It is also possible to use a pressing plate or a flat plate, or a special shape mold. Then it's squared, sliced, dried u0026 inspected. The process of veneer veneer is very important, which is related to its quality, so be careful when producing it to improve its quality.
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