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Pressure requirements for melamine decorative paper and sheet veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-21

The products of melamine decorative paper manufacturers can usually be used in the veneer of boards, such as medium density fiberboard and particleboard, etc. So what are the pressure requirements when veneering?

The relationship between the veneer treatment of melamine decorative paper and the pressure is very close. It is necessary to strictly control the pressure. When the veneer treatment is performed, the coordination of temperature and pressure is also very important, which will directly determine the melamine. The veneer quality of the decorative paper. In the process of veneer, pay attention to the speed of pressure application must be fast, in the shortest possible time, make the pressure meet the process requirements, which is also very important to improve the quality of the veneer. Using a suitable pressure can ensure a good bond between the board and the melamine decorative paper, so the pressure must meet the standard, and the pressure within the appropriate range can also make the resin in the melamine decorative paper It spreads evenly and forms a closed, non-porous surface to compensate for imperfections in the substrate surface.

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