Plant Quarantine Will not be Implemented in Four Types of Artificial Board
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Plant Quarantine Will not be Implemented in Four Types of Artificial Board


From November this year until the next five years, four types of artificial board, including particle board, fiberboard, plywood and faced mdf, plant quarantine will no longer be implemented. August 14, the State Forestry Administration issued document "notice on further improvement of artificial board's quarantine management", adjusted and improved the ways and scope of quarantine management of artificial board.

The "Notice" states that based on the difference in production process of artificial board, the category management will be adopted. And, to ensure that no harm will be caused by spread of forest pests, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and faced mdf of which the production process consists of hot pressing and grinding, and are able to reach the standard of pesticide handling requirements, will not be quarantined. Other types of artificial boards should be quarantined in accordance with the relevant state regulations.

The wood packaging material used in transportation of artificial board is an important carrier of spreading forest quarantine pests, so improvement in management of wood packaging material is required by the "Notice". According to the requirements by international plant protection convention (IPPC) on wood packaging material management, as for the manufacturers like melamine paper suppliers, producing those four types of man-made board which are no longer be quarantined, but still using wood packaging material, if IPPC logo is needed, the on-the-spot quarantine can be replaced by issuing plant quarantine certificate and without quarantine fees.

"Notice" requires to further fortify the quarantine supervision for artificial board, fully play the important roles of market and social organizations, support the self-discipline and integrity management of trade associations and other relevant social groups. Local forestry authorities should strictly enforce the quarantine policy of artificial board and wood packaging material, and establish the quarantine traceability system and IPPC logo Gasch corporate databases. Enterprises which use IPPC logo against regulations should be severely punished according to the law.